3 Simple Ways To Make Your Life Better In 2011 (Part 1)

December 30, 2010

Do you want a better life in 2011? Sure, we all do! But how can we actually make it happen? For the next three days, we will examine three ways to make 2011 better.
Here is the first:


A great deal of frustration and failure comes from ignoring our weak spots. But ignoring them doesn’t change anything! (In fact, they just get worse.) Resolve to tackle your weaknesses and deal with them in 2011. Here are the 3 questions you need to answer:

Question 1: What are my weaknesses?

Identify two or three of your biggest weaknesses and write them down. (I cannot overemphasize how important this is. Get a piece of paper out and write them down…now!) What areas do you struggle in? What are the biggest temptations for you?

• Question 2: What places, times, or environments do I fail in most often?

We have to remove the things that cause us to fail, or remove ourselves from the places that cause us to fail. “If you don’t want the devil’s fruit, stay out of the devil’s orchard.” Here’s the key: you need to put yourself in a position where failure is less likely/or impossible. This is a powerful  principle. If there is not a piece of chocolate within 2,000 miles, it’s impossible for you to gain weight from eating it!

• Question 3: What action can I take to avoid or prevent these situations?

Once you’ve identified the weakness and environment, you need a game plan. Nothing changes until you do. As Einstein said: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

We are never instructed anywhere in the Bible to resist temptation. We are told to flee it. (2 Tim. 2:22) One of the secrets to overcoming temptation is not in trying to be strong enough to resist it, but being wise enough to avoid it. For example, if chocolate is your weakness, your game plan could be to clear out the pantry and avoid the chocolate aisle at the grocery store. If you keep buying it, you will keep eating it! That’s why Jesus gave us a  template for prayer that included the words “lead us not into temptation”. (And on the subject of temptation, don’t underestimate the two most powerful weapons in your arsenal: Prayer – Luke 22:46, and the Bible – Psalm 119:11)


These 3 questions can make a powerful impact on your life; but only if you ask and answer them!

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What actions can we take to overcome our weaknesses?