4 Resources That Will Make You A Better Leader

February 17, 2011

Great leaders are constantly improving. They try to find ways to grow and learn each and every day. As John Maxwell says, “If you’re at the head of the class, you’re in the wrong class.” What does he mean? That we as leaders need to surround ourselves with people and resources that stretch, challenge, and teach us.

Here are some great resources that have taken me higher:

  1. Michael Hyatt’s blog: http://michaelhyatt.com – Focused on leadership, publishing, productivity & social media. Mike is a New York Times best-selling author and the CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing- the 7th largest publishing company in the world. He is relevant, funny, honest, and shares great insights and resources. (By the way, check out my guest blog post on his site today; an article on what separates good leaders from great ones: michaelhyatt.com) For other great leadership blogs, check out the top 50 leadership blogs of 2010.
  2. Books by John Maxwell – He is one of the world’s foremost leadership experts, and his books are invaluable to any leader. Here are some of my personal favorites:
    1. Thinking for a Change11 Ways highly successful people approach life and work. Good thinkers are never at a loss to solve problems, they never lack ideas that can build an organization, and they always have hope for a better future…A person who knows how may always have a job, but the person who knows why will always be his boss.
    2. Winning With People – Discover the people principles that work for you every time. Using a unique blend of interesting facts, statistics, humor, real-life examples, and questions for discussion, this book reveals 25 key People Principles for true success in life.
    3. Today Matters – 12 Daily Practices to Guarantee Tomorrow’s success. Maxwell has narrowed down the critical areas of success to 12 of what he calls the “Daily Dozen.” They include such things as maintaining a positive attitude, sticking to priorities, following healthy guidelines, investing in good relationships, and managing finances.
  3. Audible.com – “Leaders are readers.” The old saying is true, but what if you don’t have time to read all the great material out there? If you’re like me, long hours of open reading time are more of a fantasy than a reality. So I discovered a way to multitask. I download books in audio form from Audible.com to my phone or iPod, and listen to them while I’m driving or exercising. It doubles the value of my time, and enables me to read twice as many books. Audible.com features the widest selection and best quality anywhere. It costs about $7 a book, and is well worth it.
  4. Wikipedia ­– This online mother of all encyclopedias has an enormous wealth of information on pretty much any subject. Take advantage of it to do research, gather facts and statistics, enhance presentations or simply brush up on a subject in a few quick seconds.

What leadership resources do you use? Comment here: comments.


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