5 Things You Will Never Hear God Say

May 29, 2012

God has a lot to say. (If we have time to listen, that is.)

But there are five things I can guarantee you will never hear him say:

1. “I’m busy.”

If God had a cellphone, you would never get his voicemail. If God had online chat, his status would never show “offline”. Your emails would never sit in his inbox (or get filtered into the spam folder). His secretary would never inform you that He was in a meeting and couldn’t be disturbed.

So when you’re broken…when you’re hurting…when you have an emergency…when you just need to talk… you will never hear Him say, “Sorry, I’m busy.”

Even though He has seven billion people to watch. Even though He has nations to monitor and global issues that need His attention. He is never too busy for you.

2. “Fresh out.”

God never runs out of mercy. Or love. Or compassion. His goodness has never been on back-order, and his faithfulness has never been out-of-stock.

So relax. His inventory of amazing-ness is never low. His supplies are limitless and His blessings are endless.

3. “Yeah, I didn’t really mean that.”

Does Subway freak you out? You have to admit, it’s a pressure-packed experience. The buffet of food options is in front of you. The sandwich-maker in the green apron and plastic gloves is staring at you. All the people in line behind you are waiting on you. So many decisions to make!

As humans, we are often lousy at making decisions. We make them…then we change our mind. Then we change our mind again. Then we question and doubt whether we made the right decision.

But God doesn’t have this problem. He doesn’t waffle back and forth. Which is a good thing for you and I.

I mean, seriously, imagine waking up tomorrow to God saying, “Yeah..I don’t know…I think I changed my mind about the whole ‘grace’ thing…”

Every word He’s spoken is true. And it will be true for eternity. He’s “the same yesterday, and today, and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8)

4. “What was your name, again?”

Just admit it. You’re not good with names. Neither am I. That’s why the words buddy, man, friend, partner, and kiddo are such a large part of my vocabulary. (As in, “Hey there…uh…buddy. How are ya?!”)

Thankfully, this is another problem God doesn’t have. Can you imagine going to Him in prayer and Him not recognizing you? “I’m sorry…who are you again? Where do you live?”

But rest assured, that’s not going to happen. In fact, even if He had a faulty memory, He still couldn’t forget your name. (This is so cool!) Know why? Because your name is engraved in His hands (Isaiah 49:16). Right there next to the nail scars from the cross. Not written in ink; that could smear. Engraved. Officially. Permanently.

He will never forget you.

5. “I didn’t see THAT coming!”

God is never surprised.

That time you lost your job? Yeah, He saw that coming. That car accident? He didn’t flinch. The recent blessing you didn’t expect? He’d been looking forward to it.

Nothing catches Him off guard. Nothing worries Him. He doesn’t blink. He doesn’t jump. He doesn’t freak out (even in Subway). He is totally in control.

A ton of stuff is going to happen to you the next few months. And He knows every single detail. And since He’s not worried, you don’t have to be either.


Is God awesome, or what?

Which of these five is your favorite? Do you have one to add? I would love for you to leave a comment!