6 Keys To Effective Leadership

May 5, 2011

This is a guest post by Brandon Gilliland. He is a medical student, youth worship leader, and blogger. His blog seeks to “Amplify God’s Kingdom!”

I attended a powerful leadership conference last year featuring speakers such as Terry Bradshaw, Laura Bush, and General Colin Powell.

But Rudy Giuliani’s comments were the ones that really stuck with me. Not only was he a great speaker, he was a great leader during a tough time in America. Here are some of the highlights of his speech:

1. Know what you believe in.

Manage to your beliefs. Have goals set to determine the destination and stick to them.

2. Be an optimist.

Being optimistic is a mind set. Our natural instinct is to think about and focus on the negatives in life. Remaining optimistic is important in leadership. To keep an optimistic mindset, continually visualize your dreams. You have to dream in order to achieve something great! After the vision and the dream have started to become clear, it’s important to set goals

3. Have courage.

This is a must for a successful leader. If you are always doubting yourself (or are afraid of everything), you will not be able to lead.

4. Relentless preparation.

In anything that is important, it is crucial to prepare. The same applies to leadership. And it will often take a lot of time. It takes relentless preparation. Oftentimes, leaders who separate themselves from the pack do so by perspiration- not just inspiration.

5. Understand the value of other people.

A successful leader must understand the value of others. And recognizing your own weaknesses and balancing those out with others is what makes a great team! As leaders, we often tend to isolate ourselves. Great leaders recognize that true success is only achieved through teamwork.

6. Love people

If you do not love others, you are not showing God’s love through your leadership. This will damage your testimony and cause others to disrespect you. A true leader is measured by their heart.

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