7 Keys to a Powerful Prayer Life

March 9, 2012

My church is emphasizing the theme “Deeper, Higher, Wider” this year.

As part of this, I am preaching a four-part series simply called “Deeper”, that focuses on developing a closer walk with God.

You will be able to listen to each of these four messages on the brand new Sermons page I have added to the site this week. You can listen online, or download the message and the handout you would have received at the service.


“The 7 Keys to a Powerful Prayer Life”

As Christians, we know prayer is important and should play a vital role in our lives. But how do we actually develop the prayer life God wants us to have?

This message shares practical teaching on the seven keys to a powerful prayer life.

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I hope this message helps you harness the power of prayer!

If you find it helpful, please pass it along.

Have a wonderful weekend!

What obstacles have you encountered that keep you from praying like you want to? You can comment here.