A Tsunami of Love

March 25, 2011

My pastor (who also happens to be my dad) said a phrase the other night that really struck me: “a tsunami of love.”

The recent devastation in Japan has forever linked in our minds the word “tsunami” with destruction and chaos. But what if, instead of a tsunami of raging water, we pictured a tsunami of raging love? What would a tsunami of love look like?

Instead of destructive currents, it would bring healing affection. Instead of destroying homes, it would rebuild them. Instead of taking lives, it would save them. 

Here’s what a tsunami does:

1. Destroys everything in its path – The images of the tsunami in Japan were powerful, weren’t they? The raging water buckled buildings and swept away everything in its path. No barrier was too strong. No object to heavy. The water overpowered them all.

I think a tsunami of love would do the same. No heart too hard. No relationship too cold. The powerful current of love would bridge any divide and conquer any obstacle.

2. Tears down walls – Areas where many buildings had been seconds earlier were totally flattened. Every wall torn down. Every barrier leveled.

I think a tsunami of love would do the same. An all-encompassing tide of God’s love would wash away every cold wall in our hearts. Every barrier of prejudice and bitterness would be flattened. And we would all be left standing on level ground.

3. Unites people – People were making human chains to rescue stranded strangers. Digging through rubble to help people they’d never met. And not just locally- the whole world came together to help Japan.

I think a tsunami of love would do the same. We would be driven with compassion to rescue stranded strangers. We would strive to pull people out of the dangerous waters of despair. All across the world, we would unite to rescue the perishing and rebuild the broken.

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