An Interview With Eric Williams, Author of It’s Your Money

August 30, 2013


A few years ago, I ran across a blog called WordsOfWilliams. It was a husband (Eric) and wife (Kelsey) duo who blogged about their life experiences with engaging candor and vulnerability. I shared the blog with some friends, and they became avid WordsOfWilliams readers as well.

Sometime between that day and this, Eric and I became friends. I don’t remember our first contact or how it happened, but we shared a lot of the same interests and immediately hit it off.

Yesterday, Eric launched his first book: It’s Your Money. I had the opportunity to interview him about money, budgets, time machines, and life in general. Our conversation went like this…

Eric Interview from Josh Hood on Vimeo.

It’s Your Money is available here for Kindle or in paperback.

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