Are You Giving Less Than 100%?

May 4, 2011

Do you strive for excellence? How good is good enough?

What if we strived for 99 percent? That sounds good, doesn’t it? No more than one error in a hundred. But how good is that really?

99 percent means the following:

  • Loss of power for 7 hours each month
  • 24 problem landings or takeoffs at O’Hare airport each day
  • 30 million incorrect drug prescriptions annually
  • Unsafe drinking water for 15 minutes each day

I wonder if we are guilty of giving God less than 100%.

  • When we worship, are we giving Him 100% of our energy?
  • When we pray, are we giving Him 100% of our focus?
  • When we surrender, are we giving Him 100% of our heart?

Our busy culture and stressful lives ingrain in us the feeling of being behind. We feel like we’ll never get caught up. We feel like we are doing our best just to keep our heads above water.

The result? We abandon excellence for mediocrity. Dedication becomes obligation. And we do many things poorly instead of a few things well. Instead of being focused and committed, we are distracted indecisive.

Don’t become a victim of the 99% disease. Renew your commitment to live life fully. To give everything you have; to never settle for less than your best. Hold yourself to a high standard.

You’ll be glad you did.

God deserves more than 99%. God deserves our all.

What area of your life are you giving God less than 100%? You can comment by clicking here.