Blessings in Disguise SidebarHave you ever wondered why God doesn’t answer your prayers?

What do you do when God doesn’t make sense and life isn’t fair?

There are probably circumstances in your life right now you don’t like. Things you want, but don’t have. Things you have, but don’t want. If you’re like me, you’ve discovered that life doesn’t go like you plan. It’s filled with struggles, pain, and challenges.

But what if I told you the things in your life you’ve labeled BAD are actually God’s BLESSINGS?

In Blessings in Disguise You’ll Learn…

  • How to maintain perspective when life gets tough.
  • Why God doesn’t answer some of your prayers, and why you don’t have some of the things you want.
  • What God’s number one objective in your life is.

Unleash the incredible joy Romans 8:28 can bring to your life.

And discover that sometimes the best things that happen to you are the worst things that happen to you.

You’ll never see your problems the same way again. Guaranteed.

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Praise for  Blessings In Disguise:

“In a world where so many people express disappointment with God, Joshua digs to the bottom of the box and discovers blessings that were there all along. Blessings in Disguise offers a new perspective that helps us break our bondage to circumstances and find joy in life as it really is.”

–Ken Davis, New York Times Best-selling author, comedian,
and one of the country’s most sought-after inspirational and motivational speakers

“Many books are written each year but few challenge your thinking and elevate your spirit like Blessings in Disguise. Joshua will change the way you look at adversity as he untangles life’s problems with pertinent scriptures and artful illustrations. Get ready to be blessed.”

–Jim Laudell
Author of Highpoints

“Blessings in Disguise lays out the compelling argument for taking a second look at what we so quickly brand as ‘bad luck’ through spiritual eyes. Joshua wastes no time in getting to the beautiful heart of the matter in this quick read, bound to change the way the reader looks at their life from now on. A blend of stories and scripture that beckon another read through!”

–Kim de Blecourt
Orphan rights advocate,
and author of Until We All Come Home: A Harrowing Journey, a Mother’s Courage, a Race to Freedom

“Things don’t always turn out the way we expect — and that’s a good thing. Joshua will tell you why in this great book about what life’s really about (hint: it’s not being comfortable).”

–Jeff Goins
Author of Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams into Your Comfortable Life

“Joshua tackles some of life’s most troubling questions about God and life with candor, faith, and a healthy dose of humor. You won’t put Blessings in Disguise down without having something to think about!”

–Kristy Howard
Blogger, wife, mommy, and author of four books

“If you struggle processing difficult events in your past, read this book. If you are going through difficult times now, read this book. If you ever will go through trials (yes, that’s you!), read this book. Joshua has written a book that is encouraging and challenging without being trite and filled with clichés. He is honest about his own struggles and how he has found peace and joy in the midst of them. Let me put it this way: I finished the book less than an hour ago and I have already reviewed my notes, shared some quotes on Facebook, tweeted about it, and written this review.”

–Keith Ferrin
Founder of That You May Know Ministries

“There hasn’t been a day go by since I heard this message that I haven’t told myself to look on the other side! Blessings in Disguise has changed my everyday life!”  – Rachel


“This eye-opening message will enhance your walk with the Lord, leaving you challenged to see life’s struggles in a whole new way. This has radically changed my perspective on dealing with trails. I now see them as God sees them!”  – James


“I was having a hard time understanding how any good could come out of the trial I was going through. But Blessings In Disguise totally changed the way I viewed it. Now, instead of only seeing the darkness of the storm, I can see that what the devil meant for evil God meant for good! I’m learning to see my Blessings In Disguise.”   –  William