Cool Thing of the Week: Perspective

April 12, 2011

How important is perspective? Take a look at how foolish we look when we lose it:

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Simple tasks (like kicking a soccer ball) become frustrating and almost impossible when our perspective is out of whack.

Life is the same way. Sometimes when we lose our perspective, big things seem little and little things seem big.

  • Like the father who loses perspective and places more emphasis on his job than his family.
  • Like the Christian who gets so wrapped up in this life they forget that it’s all about the next one.
  • Like the person who invests more time in physical health than spiritual health.

It’s easy to lose our perspective in life. That’s why is vital that we purposefully engage in activities like prayer and Bible reading that restore our focus, and remind us what is really important.

Have you lost perspective in an area of your life? What helps you regain it? You can comment here.