Does God Change His Mind?

July 5, 2011

A friend of mine asked me a very interesting question the other day. God had given him a dream, but now seemed to be taking it away. So his question was, “Does God change His mind?”

That’s a good question. And I think it’s one we all ask at one point or another.

I think Abraham was pondering it after God told him to go to offer his son Isaac as a sacrifice. “God tells me He’s going to give me a son and make his descendants as the sand of the sea…now He tells me to kill him! Did God change his mind?” I can understand Abraham’s confusion. What God was telling him seemed to directly contradict what God had told him earlier. I’ve felt that way too. But in reality, God did not change his mind about Isaac at all; He was simply testing Abraham’s trust and obedience.

Joseph was the same way. God gives him a dream. A dream that he will rule over his family. Joseph, through a startling and dizzying series of events, ends up in Potiphar’s house, and suddenly Joseph can see how his dream could actually come true! Only to find himself in prison the next day. He didn’t do anything wrong, but his dream fell apart (or so it seemed). Had God changed His mind? No, He still fulfilled the dream. But only in His time.

God doesn’t change His mind. But He does change our circumstances. And I have seen Him begin to fulfill a dream, only to seemingly snatch it away (temporarily). In doing so, I beleive He tests our trust. Are we willing to surrender the dream? Are we willing to submit to His will, even if it means sacrificing Isaac or sitting in the prison?

If we pass the test, God restores and renews the dream. Isaac’s descendants did become more than the sands of the sea. And Joseph did rule over his family and nation.
But only in God’s time. And only in God’s way.

Have you ever encountered a dead end that made you wonder if God changed His mind? You can leave a comment by clicking here.