January 19, 2011

I wonder what Jesus was like in the normal moments. Hanging on the walls in the corridors of our minds are many grand and majestic pictures of his life in elegant frames. There’s one of him healing the lepers. Raising Lazarus from the dead. Turning the water into wine. Transcending the normal and working the miraculous. 

But what about the normal moments? What about the times when he wasn’t working miracles and raising the dead? What about the times when he was just fishing with the disciples on a lazy summer afternoon? What about the times when he was just shopping in the market like a hundred other people?

What was he like after the crowds had all gone home and the sun began to set? Did he laugh a lot? Did he play tricks on the disciples? Was there a stray dog in his home town that he gave a nick-name and had a special affection for?

What did he do when no one else was around? What kind of personality did he have? Did he have a favorite pair of sandals? Favorite color? Favorite pastime?

Did he play with his nieces and nephews? What did he talk about at the dinner table when he went back home? What was his favorite time of year?

What was he like before he became famous? Before the crowds and miracles. Before changing history. Back when he just spent his days carving rocking-chairs. How did he feel at relatives’ funerals?

He was so human. Yet so divine. And by living a life that consisted of both the amazingly miraculous and unbelievably mundane, he gave us the opportunity to do the same.