Fake Church

March 2, 2011

This is an excerpt from an article I wrote that was published yesterday on pastors.com, an online community that equips and encourages over 100,000 ministry leaders around the world.


Every year, thousands of people gather to reenact scenes from the Civil War. And this is not your bathrobe, church-play type of production. They go all out. Every button is genuine. Every gun is polished. Every strategy is authentic. Every flag handmade.

And if you were to get lost and stumble out of the woods into one of these battles, you would think you had stumbled back in time 150 years. It looks real. It sounds real. It feels real. The canons are loud; the smoke is thick. The generals on horseback yell orders. The sweaty soldiers dive into ditches and wade through creeks. The flash of gunfire sparkles across the front lines. The canons, guns, and yelling create such a racket your ears ring.

It seems real. But it’s not. Why? Because nothing is actually happening. Strategies are being enacted, but no ground is actually being won or lost. Soldiers are falling to the ground, but no one is actually dying or being hurt. It feels like a war; but it’s actually just a routine.

I wonder if the same could be said of our churches. If you were to stumble into one of our Sunday morning services, you would be impressed. Every aisle is vacuumed, every instrument tuned. Our clothes are pressed, and our smiles are wide. We preach, we sing, we shake hands. And it looks and feels exactly like church. But is anything really happening?

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