God is For You

January 11, 2013

How do you think God feels about you?


If an angel were to mention your name, how would God react? Do you think he’s disappointed in you? Tired of you? Angry at you? Frustrated with you?

Have you ever looked at someone you loved, and just felt a deep love well up inside you? You can’t really put it into words. But out of nowhere and for no particular reason, you are just reminded in that moment how much you care about them and how special they are to you.

What if I told you that’s how God feels about you?

What if I told you God is more excited about your dreams than you are?

What if I told you God loves when you laugh, smile, and have a good day?

What if I told you He isn’t a greedy God who begrudges blessings, but an excited and generous God who is thrilled to give them?

  • Satan longs for you to think of God as far off. God longs for you to know He’s right beside you.
  • Satan longs for you to feel forgotten. God longs for you to know He’s engraved you on the palms of His hands. (Isaiah 49:16)
  • Satan longs for you to feel like your life is unnoticed by God. God longs for you to know that He gets excited when you get excited, He cries when you cry, and He rejoices when you rejoice.
  • Satan longs for you to see God as an angry judge demanding justice. God longs for you to see Him as a loving Father who is passionate about you.

Your parents may have forgotten you, your teachers may have neglected you, or your spouse may have abandoned you. But within reach of your prayers is the maker of the oceans- God!

“What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?”– Romans 8:31

God is for you!  If he had a calendar, your birthday would be circled.  If there’s a tree in heaven, he’s carved your name in the bark.

He may try your faith — but He will supply your needs.

He may test your patience — but He will fulfill every promise.

“When I cry unto thee, then shall mine enemies turn back: this I know; for God is for me.” – Psalm 56:9

No one has ever loved anyone more than God loves you.

We spend too much time trying to earn God’s love, and not enough time just basking in it.

Take some time to just bask in His amazing, undeserved, never-ending love today. And rejoice that God is for you.


This post was taken from a sermon I preached this past weekend entitled, “God is For You”. You can listen to or download the sermon audio below:

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