God’s Chisel

January 21, 2011

“He took a block of marble and chiseled away from it everything that was not his masterpiece…”

What’s the best thing God could do for you today? I mean really think about it. What’s the best thing God could do for you. Drop a million dollars into your bank account? (Wouldn’t that be nice!)

Actually, the best thing God could do for you wouldn’t involve what was around you, but in you. As a loving father, God would love to fix your biggest problem. Unfortunately, our biggest problem is…us. The parts of our character that are not Christlike are our greatest dangers.

Our Father loves us the way we are, but will not leave us that way. So in the moments when the chisel hurts, remember that He is making you into a masterpiece.

This skit by the SkitGuys demonstrates this truth. It is 9 minutes of your week well spent:

Have you experienced God’s chisel lately? You can comment here: here.


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