Here’s To The Good Dads

June 20, 2016

Here’s to the good dads.

The ones who didn’t run away.

The ones who weren’t alcoholics.

The ones who did say ‘I love you.’

The ones who were faithful.


The ones who traded promotions for family time.

The ones who put their family first.

The ones who read bedtime stories.

The ones who gave hugs and kisses.

We constantly mourn the masses of men who fail as fathers. And rightfully so, because the wounds they inflict on their children may never fully heal.

But let’s take a moment today to stand and applaud the men who got it right. The valiant warriors who chose character over convenience. The ones who set an example, even though they may not have had one to follow.

To my dad, and those like him, who fought the good fight of faith on the battlefield of fatherhood, please hear our heartfelt gratitude, and let our applause echo through the chambers of your heart.

Thank you that your children will never know what it’s like to be fatherless. Thank you that they’ll never feel the suffocating pain of abandonment. Thank you that the unique little place in their heart that can only be filled by a father’s love is not empty.

Here’s to the faithful, the providers, the patriarchs of steady love and quiet strength. The ones who made their little girls feel like princesses and their little boys feel like super heroes.

Here’s to the good dads.