Hope Amidst Brokenness

June 2, 2011

Life is full of broken things. Have you noticed?

Broken arms. Broken promises. Broken systems. Broken relationships. Broken dreams. Broken homes.

Our cars break down. Our bodies break down.

Even our hearts can break.

Everywhere you look in this world, it seems you find brokenness. And this brokenness has been going on a long time. God created a perfect world where nothing was broken. That is until we decided to turn our back on God. Did you ever realize that the first thing to ever break was God’s heart?

We were given a world that was perfect (Genesis 1-2). When we got done with it, it was battered and broken. The sin that we created and committed left our world and our hearts in need of mending.

God hates broken hearts. His love compelled him to action. So he took the form of man, came to earth, and announced that his mission was to “heal the brokenhearted”. (Luke 4:18)

I will speak tonight to a group of inmates whose lives are broken. When I do, I will sing “Amazing Grace” because I want them to know that God can take what’s broken and heal it. It really is amazing.

And even better, he promised that he’s preparing a place right now for us where nothing will ever brake again.  No more broken arms, promises, dreams, homes, or hearts. Everything will be whole. Everything will be perfect.

So if you’re tired of battling a broken world, remember that it is only temporary.

And if your heart or dream or home is broken, why not surrender it to the One who can mend it? He has a history of doing amazing things.

Is something in your life broken right now? You can comment here.