I Could Have Died At 9:27am This Morning – But Didn’t!

January 9, 2011

I was on my way to church this morning with my dad, and ironically, we were talking about the bad weather conditions that had set in.

Helping the stuck driver of the truck out

The temperature had dropped below freezing and sleet was beginning to fall. The icy slush was beginning to accumulate on the trees and roads.

Dad and I were discussing whether or not we should cancel the evening service because of the dangerous conditions and the reports that it would only get worse throughout the day.

Without warning, we hit a patch of water and ice and the car violently spun left… We continued to spin as we slid across the other lane, through a ditch, and into some trees. It seemed like slow motion. The spinning of the world around us, the frantic turning of the steering wheel to no avail, crunching of trees on metal.

I would like to give a big shout out to my guardian angel who pushed us just hard enough to avoid a large tree. We both walked away unharmed. (Can’t say the same thing for the car!)

A few minutes later, while sitting in a police car waiting on the wrecker, a guy in a GMC truck had the same thing happen to him. He rolled his truck into some trees and also miraculously walked away unharmed except for a headache (he was not wearing his seatbelt). Here is the video of the wrecker flipping his truck back over:

A few lessons from this:

  • Every breath really could be our last
  • Seatbelts are beautiful things
  • We can’t take anything for granted
  • Unexpected stuff happens; expect it
  • God is faithful; and his hand of protection is an AWESOME thing!

If we had hit the tree head-on and it had been my time to go, I would have died one of the happiest people on the planet. But apparently God still had some work for me to do down here and wasn’t finished with me just yet. And I’m glad He wasn’t. :)