I Try Not To Read The Bible

February 3, 2011


I try not to read the Bible, when I want to be depressed.
Those times when I’m trying really hard to get overwhelmed with stress.

Cause just when I start worrying about bills and kids and crime
Little old King James rains on my pity party every time.
So to get real good and worried, read the headlines or think about your health
But whatever you do, be sure that you, leave the Bible on the shelf.
Cause those sand castles of fear and doubt that seem to imprison you
Will wash away in the crashing waves of Matthew, Mark, and Luke.
And the raging flames of worry that keep you up all night long
Will be doused the moment you open God’s Word and begin to read the Psalms
So I try not to read the Bible, when I want to be depressed
There are many other things more accommodating to a perpetual state of stress
Headlines screaming of cancer and war always seem to work well
Earthquakes and headaches, and recalls and heartbreaks; too many troubles to tell
But this wonderful state of worry, that all this effort took
Is put in danger the second I open the leather-bound cover of this Book
‘If God be for us, who can be against us?’ ‘Greater is He that’s in me’
‘His mercies are new every morning’ ‘Thanks be to God which giveth us the victory’
It tells of God’s endless faithfulness, and His amazing grace
When I read things like that, how am I supposed to keep a frown on my face?
It’s hopeless, I tell you. Stay away from that book, if you want to stay good and stressed
That’s why I try not to read the Bible, when I want to be depressed.

(“I Try Not To Read The Bible” by Josh Hood – all rights reserved)

Have you found reading the Bible affects YOUR attitude?