Learned vs. Experienced

January 16, 2012

I just finished listening to the audio book of Steve Jobs biography. It was over 24 hours of audio. (I download audio books from audible.com to my iPhone and listen to them on my commute to and from work.)

When I finished listening to it, I felt very familiar with him. I knew his entire life story. I knew his personality. I knew his strengths and his weaknesses. I felt like I knew him.

But the truth is, I’ve never even met him. Never had a conversation with him. Never been a part of his life.

But hearing so much about him created a false sense of closeness.

I wonder if our relationship with God is like that?

From an early age, we begin learning from our parents and teachers about God. By the time we become an adult, we have accumulated a vast knowledge of information about God from all the things we’ve heard and read. And all that knowledge gives us a sense that we know God.

But that is simply what we have LEARNED. What have we EXPERIENCED?

  • We’ve learned that God saves. But have we experienced it?
  • We’ve learned that God loves us. But have we experienced it?
  • We’ve learned that God comforts us. But have we experienced it?
  • We’ve learned that God heals. But have we experienced it?

Could it be that our churches are geared toward merely teaching people about God, instead of also encouraging them to experience him? Could it be that we feel like we know God far better than we do?

Learning about God is good. But experiencing Him is far better.

What about you? Have you experienced God lately? You can comment by clicking here.