Life is Like the Sky

April 28, 2011

I’ve learned that life is like the sky.

No matter how clear and blue the sky may be at the moment, eventually there will be clouds again. Life is the same way. Some days, the bills are paid, the body is healthy, and life seems joyful and beautiful. Life’s forecast is blue skies, a rainbow, and a gentle breeze on those days.

But in those times I must remember that the sky will not always be cloudless. This isn’t pessimistic; it’s realistic. Because just as clouds come rolling over the horizon, so troubles and challenges will come rolling into my life at various times. Because of my relationship with God, this is not something to be fearful of; it’s simply something to be prepared for.

No matter how dark the sky may be at the moment, eventually the sun will shine again. I have been in tornadoes, hurricanes, and thunderstorms of all shapes and sizes. I have watched them blacken the sky and spew their environmental fury across the landscape. But I have never seen a storm that lasted forever. Eventually, the clouds parted and the blue sky and sun reappeared.

Life is the same way. Life can be cruel. Huge, billowing clouds of disappointment and pain can darken the landscape of your life. But no matter how dark it may be in your life, I can promise you that if you’re a child of God, the sun will shine again. That’s not optimistic; it’s realistic! This too shall come to pass.

So outlive the storm. Because life is like the sky.

And the Son will reappear.

Can you see the Son or are the clouds blocking your view? You can comment here.