Looking for God in all the Wrong Places

June 27, 2011

I am learning more and more that every human being on earth has an inbuilt need for a deep, loving relationship with God.

  • If you experience that, if frees you to love people and things for what they are (broken, temporary or imperfect…).
  • If you don’t experience that, you will spend your entire life searching for something to fill the void. And you’ll never find it.

For years, song lyrics and writings have echoed the cry for “someone who will always love me, never leave me, understands me.”  Those who don’t believe in God (and even some of us who do) spend their entire lives trying to fill that void. 

  • The business man who longs for satisfaction; for purpose. He longs to devote himself to a worthy cause, but doesn’t know what to do. He pours himself into his business. His bank account gets bigger. His health falls apart. And he is left empty and unsatisfied.
  • The teenage girl who longs to be loved. She wants to know that she is beautiful; that she is special. She gives her heart to any boy willing to take it. And she is left empty and unsatisfied.

Only God can fill the longing for purpose in that businessman’s heart. Only He can call him to an eternal cause and bring him the joy and satisfaction of laying up treasure in Heaven. Replacing God with work is idolatry.

Only God can fill the longing in that teenage girls heart to be loved. Only He can love her in a perfect way and reveal her beauty in His eyes. Replacing God with other people is idolatry.

We get disappointed when people fail us. Why? Because we were created to depend on someone who is perfect. God is the only one who qualifies as perfect, so we are constantly let down when we replace Him in that equation  with other things.

The world is full of people searching and longing for perfect love. The Bible says God is love. Will you help me spread the word that true, satisfying love can only be found in God?

Our lives will be transformed when we realize we’ve been looking for God in all the wrong places.

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