February 2, 2011

Recently, I told you about the Top 5 Free Online Bible Study Tools. Since then, a brand new online Bible tool has just been released and may be the most powerful one yet.

It’s called My Study Bible and can be found at

What makes it such a great tool?

  1. Easy Navigation – Want to look up a verse? Type in the reference and you’re there instantly. But what if you don’t know exactly where it’s found and can’t remember how it’s worded? MyStudyBible not only divides scripture by book, chapter, & verse, but by headings and story titles; making it much easier to browse through the Bible. The entire layout, navigation, and appearance are very clean and appealing.
  2. Cross References & Footnotes – Words are hyperlinked in the text; clicking these words opens a small popup window that contains the referenced verse or footnote. This allows you to view these things without losing your place or having to navigate to another window or page. (I don’t know of any other tool that does this!)
  3. Original Languages Feature – One of the most powerful and unique features of MyStudyBible is the feature that allows you to hover over words in the text to see their definition in the original languages (Greek/Hebrew). This tool is so powerful and so easy to use, it’s stunning.

Here’s a video demo:

Do you use online Bible tools like this one? Comment here.