Quote from Charles Spurgeon

February 13, 2012
[stextbox id=”info”]I ran across this quote recently, and when I did, it really challenged me. Read these words carefully and openly, and see if it does the same to you:[/stextbox]

“Look into your own heart, and if you dare to be proud, you have never seen your heart at all. It is a mass of pollution: it is a den of filthiness.

Charles Spurgeon

Apart from divine grace, your heart is a seething mass of putrefaction, and if God’s eternal Spirit were not to hold it in check, but to let your nature have its way, envyings, lustings, murders, and every foul thing would come flying forth in your daily life.

A sinner and yet proud! It is monstrous.

As for children of God, how can they be proud? I fear we are all too much so; but what have we to be proud of? What have we that we have not received? How then can we boast?

Are we dressed in the robe of Christ’s righteousness? We did not put a thread into it; it was all given us by the charity of Jesus.

Are our garments white? We have washed them in the blood of the Lamb.

Are we new creatures? We have been created anew by omnipotent power, or we should still be as we were.”

– From a sermon by Charles Haddon Spurgeon entitled “The Weaned Child.”