Season 1, Episode 6: What You Need More Than Anything

March 21, 2016

You may need to lose weight or finish your degree, but you need this more. Way more.

In this episode, Josh shares an audio excerpt from his book Blessings in Disguise that describes our most desperate need and how it affects all of life.

episode 6


“Our greatest blessings are the waves that crash us against the Rock of Ages, the droughts that lead us to the Water of Life, and the wolves that chase us back to the Shepherd.”

“If God is our ultimate good, then the best things are the things that bring us more of Him.”

“We want good qualities in our life. But we don’t want the problems and pain that produce those good qualities.”

“We want to see miracles. But we don’t want to need them.”

“It will only be at the end of the symphony, when the thunderous applause of heaven fills the hall, that we will appreciate the beauty of the music, and the genius of the Conductor.”

You can find out more about Blessings in Disguise and purchase your copy here.