The 8 Minute Video EVERY Pastor Needs To Watch

September 5, 2011

Having grown up in a pastor’s home and been in the ministry all my life, I’m very familiar with the strains and stresses of pastoring. Many of my friends are in the ministry, and if there was only one video clip I could show them all, it would be this one. In it, Rick Warren sits down with Andy Stanley and talks about avoiding ministry burnout.

Catalyst West 2009: Rick Warren Interview Part 2 from Catalyst on Vimeo.

He shares words of wisdom on what he considers to be the three keys to staying fresh and focused:

  1. Divert daily
  2. Withdraw weekly
  3. Abandon annually

(You can also watch the first part of Rick’s talk here.)

Have you suffered ministry burnout? What helps you avoid it? You can comment here.