The Crutch Kicker

June 13, 2011

I did not see it coming.

I was hobbling along, a crutch under each arm supporting my weight. Suddenly, they both gave way. I fell to the ground, shocked and dazed. I turned in fear to see who my attacker was. 

A new wave of shock hit me when I saw the face. I expected anger, but it was peaceful. I expected rage, but it was gentle. He was not running after me- but kneeling tenderly beside me.

My first reaction was to reach for my crutches. But he held out his hand. Tears were streaming down his face. “My child, lean only upon me.”

The crutches were my plans…my money…my health…people I depended on.

And the crutch-kicker was God.


He kicked away the things I leaned on. Not in anger, but in love.

Has God kicked your crutches? Then hear His gentle words. “My child, lean only upon me.”