The Music Of Heaven

February 16, 2011

What do you think heaven will be like?
Heaven seems a place of mystery to most.
It’s like an object just out of view… a concept barely escaping our grasp.

To most it is terribly confusing.
They think it to be equal parts mystical, distant, and surreal.
They’ve heard it reported as a good place, but are unsure as to exactly what makes it so.
Everyone seems to have a different guess about what will be there,
as well as who will be there.
And even if they could agree on who will be there, they
are still left having no idea what those who will be there will be doing.  
It seems to be a place of the unknown.
Unknown people. Unknown activities. Unknown schedule.
It is left a foggy emptiness in the minds of those who contemplate it.
We know the glories of it will be like beautiful music.
We are just unsure of the tune.
Or are we?

Shadows have darkened the back porch of an old cabin in the hills.
Grandpa and grandson sit side by side on the steps. Their knees are touching.
They watch the last rays of light disappear from the red sky.
They don’t say anything. They don’t have to.
All is quiet and still.
But if you listen closely, you’ll hear the faint sounds of heaven’s music.

Two family members hug one another. Tears stream down their faces.
Those tears are washing away years of bitterness. Decades of hatred.
For the last twenty years they’ve hated one another.
For the last twenty years they’ve hurt one another.
But in the last twenty minutes, they’ve forgiven one another.
Their relationship has been restored. Things have been made right.
Now the darkness and coldness in their hearts has been replaced by light and warmth.
And the morbid tune of bitterness has been replaced by the sweet music of heaven.


I think moments in life like those are tiny keyhole glimpses into what heaven will be like. Isn’t it sad that we spend so little time contemplating the place we will spend millions and millions of unending years? I think it deserves more of our time and thought.

Think about heaven for a few moments today. Think of a place with no pain. No bills. No sickness. No anger. No divorce. No surgeries. No weariness. No killing. No dying. No bad news. No uncertainty. No fear. No cancer. No hospitals. No funeral homes. No emergency rooms. No accidents. No sin. No mistakes. No doubt. No changes. No tragedies. No insecurities. No misunderstandings. No loneliness. No heartache. No debt. No unrighteousness. No immorality. No drugs. No medicine. No smoking. No cemeteries. No resentment. No abandonment.

Think about heaven for a few moments today. Let it lift you. Let it encourage you. Let it remind you that what you’re facing right now won’t exist up there.

What do YOU think heaven will be like? I would love for you to comment and tell me!