The One Thing That Determines Your Priorities

June 1, 2012

Nobody wants to be cramped on an airplane. People have been complaining for years about how cramped airplanes are and how nice it would be to have more leg room. Several airlines have attempted to meet this need by spreading the seats apart and charging more per ticket. But each airline has had to revert back. Why? Because people weren’t willing to pay higher ticket prices. They wanted leg room. But they wanted low ticket prices more.

Nobody wants to be out of shape. But lots of people are. Why? Because they’d rather eat what they want and not workout than eat healthy and exercise. They want to be fit and healthy. But they want to not have to exercise and be able to eat whatever they want more.

Nobody wants to be in debt. But thousands of people drive off car lots each day further in debt. They take out a loan, sign papers, and make payments. Why? Because they’d rather have the car than be debt free. They want to not owe money. But they want the new car more.

The priorities of your life aren’t determined by what you want. They are determined by what you want most.

What areas of your life do you have to choose between what you want and what you want most? You can leave a comment by clicking here.