Top Posts for September

October 3, 2011

Here are the top posts from September:

  1. Tsunami of Love – What if, instead of a tsunami of raging water, we pictured a tsunami of raging love?
  2. Everyone Has a Story – You can change someone’s day by listening to their story. And you can change someone’s life by becoming a part of it. This powerful video that ChicFilA uses to train employees demonstrates the power of customer service.
  3. The One Requirement of a Successful Ministry – God requires that you preach- he doesn’t require that they listen. You take care of the work- he’ll take care of the results.
  4. The Duggar Family’s 21 House Guidelines – The following list, which is attached to their refrigerator, will give you a hint of the atmosphere the strive to create in their home.
  5. I Exalt Me – Have you ever sang “I Surrender All” when you were really thinking, “Did I go to Wendy’s twice yesterday?”

What was the best blog post your read or wrote this past month? I would love for you to share it with me by commenting here.