Wasted Warnings

May 11, 2011

When I was a kid, my grandpa had an old van he liked to drive around and tinker with.
When there was a mechanical problem, he was a wizard with tools. But there was a second strategy he often employed when a warning light lit up on the dashboard.

Instead of identifying and investigating the problem, he had an ingenious solution:

Step one: Cut a piece of black electrical tape two inches long
Step two: Place said piece of tape over warning light

Problem solved.

Thinking about that makes me smile. But there’s a great life lesson amidst the humor. Because many of us gloss over our own warnings on a daily basis.

In His mercy, God created lots of warning lights in life. For instance…

  • The coldness creeping into that important relationship
  • The un-Christ-like attitude you’ve had lately
  • The Godly counsel of your family, friends, or authorities
  • Your conscience
  • Your Bible

Don’t waste those warnings! You can only get away with it for so long.

What warning signs are you ignoring? You can comment by clicking here.