What If…

March 30, 2011

What if…we loved God as much as He loves us?

What if…we knew exactly how many days we had left?

What if…we wanted a closer relationship with God more than a million dollars?

What if…we actually treated others the way we would like to be treated?

What if…we forgot about the past and put it behind us? 

What if…we let go of every offense and every evil that had ever been done to us?

What if…we stopped calculating risks and rewards, and just did what we knew was right?

What if…we realized how much we have?

What if…we talked less and did more?

What if…we dreamed bigger dreams?

What if…we tried something new?

What if…we read the Bible as much as we read the internet?

What if…we decided to be happy no matter what?

What if…we knew Jesus was coming back tonight at 8pm?


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