Why We Are Fat, Even Though We Know How To Be Healthy

April 27, 2011

Do you know why the majority of Americans are fat?


We know it's bad for us. But we eat it anyway.

Well it’s not from lack of knowledge. There’s not a single person gorging on Krispy Kremes that would be shocked if you told them doughnuts aren’t healthy. Trust me on this. No one’s jaw is going to drop in shock when you inform them that the triple bacon cheeseburger on their plate is not good for them.

If I held a press conference and announced to the world that new studies showed a healthy diet and regular exercise promoted good health, no one would tune in. Everyone already knows that.

We all know what is healthy. Our problem is not a lack of knowledge. Our problem is motivation.

Take Dan, for example. Dan is fifty-five years old. Dan has always known that a healthy diet and exercise are important. He had been meaning to start eating better, but just hadn’t managed to do it. Until last month.

That’s when he had a heart attack and almost lost his life. After his recovery, his doctor informed him that if he continued to eat the way he had been, he’d be dead within six months. And suddenly, the guy who normally feasted on French fries and greasy meat was feasting on carrots and broccoli instead.

What changed? Dan didn’t gain new knowledge of what was wrong. He simply gained enough motivation to do what he knew was right.

  • You already know you should witness to the lost. What will it take to motivate you to do it?
  • You already know prayer is important. What will it take to motivate you to do it?
  • You already know reading the Bible is important. What will it take to motivate you to do it?

Thankfully, this is where God comes in. In our own power, we fail. But God, in His total amazingness, has not only given us the knowledge of what to do, but the power to do it!

So quit trying in your own strength, and depend on His. Stop fighting in your own power, and ask for His.

“With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.” – Matthew 19:26

What knowledge do you already have that you just need to apply? You can comment here.