Why You Need Mirrors

February 4, 2011

Have you ever thought about the importance of mirrors? We use them every day. We stare at them while brushing our teeth. We use them to see what’s behind us when we’re backing up our car.

Our fascination with mirrors begins at an early age. Toddlers are spellbound when they see their reflection peering back at them in the glass. Little girls dance in front of the mirror, and look earnestly to see if beauty is reflected in the glass. Little boys flex their muscles in front of the mirror, and look earnestly to see if strength is reflected in the glass.

What makes mirrors so fascinating? I think it’s because they are simply a reflection of us. And whether we like what we see or not, we are entranced with the image of…well, us.

What is the purpose of a mirror? To help us see what we can’t see from our perspective.

You have probably seen large mirrors on the corners of parking lots or entryways. The mirror gives you the ability to see around the corner. How? By enabling you to see from a different perspective. A perspective different from your own.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t see your own forehead. (Go ahead, try.) But others can. I bring this up, because it applies to life. We all need mirrors. They help us see what we can’t see ourselves. Other people and their perspectives can allow us to see things we couldn’t otherwise.

Here are a few mirrors:

  1. Your Bible – Gaze into it intently, and you will see the condition of your soul reflecting back.
  2. Your Pastor – The Shepherd is aware of things the sheep aren’t. Leaders (especially spiritual ones) are a valuable source of reflection.
  3. Your Family – No one knows you like your spouse and family members. You may not feel like they understand sometimes, but be careful before dismissing their perspective.
  4. Your Friends – Gain from the different perspectives and views of your friends. You don’t have to agree with them to learn from them.

Do you have mirrors in your life? Who/what are they? (Comment here)