The Wicked Little Voice Inside You

March 9, 2011

There is a wicked little voice inside of you.

Everyone hears it, but few people realize it’s there.

It disguises itself in thousands of cunning ways. Sometimes it speaks so quietly, you can barely hear it. Other times it screams so loud you can’t concentrate. 

While it is rarely seen or recognized, it is one of the most powerful forces in the world. It’s realm of influence is astonishing. It has influenced wars, kings, inventors, and careers. All of history in fact.

It is the voice of quit.

You’ve heard it. Like the time you were totally enthused about getting in shape and taking care of yourself. You bought new Nikes and started running. But after three hundred yards, your side was hurting. And your lungs weren’t the only thing screaming. That wicked little voice of quit was at full throttle. “This hurts! This is not fun! It’s hot! It’s not worth it! You could be doing…” And you were faced with a choice: would you listen to the little voice? Or push through?

But this evil voice is not just interested in your physical failure. You need no more proof than when you got married. The wedding was beautiful, the honeymoon heavenly, the first year enchanting. Then the second mortgage. The second kid. The second job. It was no longer easy. And that evil little voice was at it again. “This is not what you bargained for. It’s only going to get worse. You don’t have to live in this misery. Just a quick visit to your lawyer, a quick signature…” And you were faced with a choice: would you listen to the little voice? Or push through?

But the little imp even follows you to church. Your sitting there on the fifth pew, trying to get your mind off pot-roast and on Peter. But you’re tired. You don’t feel like worshipping. The lady behind you is singing off key. And that dumb voice picks the worst times to jump in. “Church is fake. This is a waste of time. Remember when that church member hurt your feelings? It would be so much easier to just quit…just quit….just quit…” And you were faced with a choice: would you listen to that little voice? Or push through?

If you’re going to achieve anything in life, you have to learn to push through. Push through the pain, push through the hard times, push through the sacrifice…

The beginning of something is exciting. The end is fulfilling. But the middle is discouraging.

Will you push through?



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