Your Anger Reveals Your Passion

July 26, 2011

What makes you angry?

What gets you really stirred up?

I don’t mean spilling-your-drink angry or getting-stuck-in-traffic angry. I mean what bothers you on a really deep level; what makes you burn inside? What gets you so fired up you can’t stop talking about it?

You may not have realized this before, but knowing what really gets to you is valuable knowledge. Why? Because your anger reveals your passion

Don’t mention abortion around me unless you want to hear sermons and stats. Because abortion makes me angry. I am passionate about life.

I get excited when I talk about the Church. Poor church leadership infuriates me. Why? Because I’m passionate about Church leadership.

What is it that fuels your fire? What issue or need or opportunity gets you excited? It could be a clue about where your passion is.

God gives each of us different burdens for different needs. What needs bother you the most?

Discover what deeply angers you…and you might just discover your passion.

What makes you angry or gets you really excited? I’d love to hear your comments!