Avoiding The Danger of Distraction

March 28, 2011

There are many things that can derail you as a leader. But there is no pitfall more dangerous than distraction.

The following video details the danger and destruction that distraction can cause:

Distraction often leads to destruction. That’s why it’s so important to stay focused.

As a leader, how can you avoid distraction? Here are two ways:

1. Focus on where you are going – The tragic stories in the video were the result of people’s focus being drawn away from the direction they were headed. Keep your destination in full view at all times. Refocus on it every day. Watch your steps carefully, lest they slip. (1 Cor 10:12)

Is your attention on the things around you? It is easy to get distracted by criticism, circumstances, or the past. Driving while looking behind you is dangerous. And many people live life that way. They are consumed by the past. They are totally focused on what’s behind them. It’s important to keep our vision and attention on where we are headed. Where does God want to take your church? Your organization? Your family?

2. Understand that our distractions endanger others – The lives lost due to texting are not just those who were doing it. One person’s distraction can cause another’s devastation. Every decision we make and every word we say affects others. As leaders, our influence is multiplied. And the necessity of avoiding distraction is not just for our benefit, but for those around us. Others benefit when we are focused and attentive. And others are put in danger when we are not. Your life is influencing people far more than you realize. You are making a difference!

The roads we drive in our cars are dangerous. So are the highways of leadership.

Let’s seek to avoid distractions on both.

Do you text and drive? How do you avoid distractions as a leader? You can leave a comment here.

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